About Joelle, owner

I feel like I have been on a quest my whole life. I’ve been interested in learning spiritual truths and healing as far back as I can remember. I studied Biology and Psychology in college and enjoyed them, along with religious studies and art courses.  After college my life fast-forwarded through an adventure of a couple of jobs, marriage, and having 4 children. The gift of staying home to raise my children afforded me some time to research all my favorite topics and have plenty of time to be outside in nature with my kids and pets. Being a mom pulled me to study healthy living and raising kids conscientiously. I then began to study spirituality, hands-on healing, crystals, astrology, intuitive arts, dowsing/pendulum healing, and meditation.


In 2012 I started my path to study Reiki and I received my Usui Reiki III certification in 2015. I became certified in Emotion Code in 2017 to help people release trapped emotion, which is very healing.  In 2013 I started doing advanced Spiritual Clearings after studying with Diana Burney to remove all manner of negative energy and entities from properties. After much success permanently removing unwanted spirits from people’s homes and opening people’s cash flow lines, I became certified to be a Spiritual Clearing Level III Practitioner in 2018.  Also in 2018 I began studying under Michael Vlahoulis until I received my Holy Fire Reiki III certificate in 2019 to be a Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner.  I also hold certificates in Angelic Guidance and Pendulum Healing, and have studied other advanced energy healing and crystal healing over 100 hours.


I’ve felt a desire to open my own business for years and after one year of inner exploration I felt a pull to help people heal and support people even more.  In February my friend, Mary Beth, was selling her beautiful massage business, Profoundly Peaceful, and I immediately knew this would be a perfect opportunity for me to help and support people on their healing journey (as well as enjoy massages!).  The current and new practitioners are all truly amazing women that I am proud to promote and recommend.


During my free time I enjoy hiking in nature, yoga, feeding songbirds, traveling, and taking care of my bantam chickens, betta fishes, zebra finches, and my beloved Maltese-Pug, Nikki.  I also love spending time with my husband and four children in beautiful Genesee, WI.


About Madi

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Madison has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2016. She understands that every person has unique challenges and preferences and strives to hone into specific needs of everyone. Her style combines Swedish, Hot Stone, Acupressure, and Cupping; along with stretching to reset and relax the body. She is currently working on her masters to practice Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. Her passion is to help improve people's quality of life organically so they may live long, vibrant and happy lives. 

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About Jen

Reiki Practitioner  

Jen is a Reiki Master  and Animal Reiki Practitioner.  She received her Reiki Master Certification from Stacey Bicek of Stacey's Reiki and Essentials in Mercer, PA.  She was first drawn to reiki to help with chronic back pain but soon realized that it was transformative in many ways, not just physically.  It was a wonderful way to relieve pain, deeply relax, destress and facilitate sleep for her but it also helped her to realize that she really wanted to help people and animals to have a better life...physically, mentally and emotionally.  When she really got hooked was when her son, who suffers from ADHD and anxiety, was able to find focus and peace of mind through reiki.  That is when she sought Stacey's help to become a reiki master.


Jen recently moved to Wisconsin from Pennsylvania and is enjoying her new home, kayaking, reading and spending time with her husband, twin boys, two dogs, Jack and Molly and her cat, Dinkelberg.  Because of her love of animals, and working with her own animal's issues and anxiety through reiki, she has studied animal reiki and is currently working on getting her masters certification in that as well. She is looking forward to meeting new people and helping to enrich their and their pets lives.


About Brooke

 Licensed Massage Therapist  

A gifted and dedicated Bodyworker, Brooke combines her passion for Massage Therapy & skillful technique into each session; offering a treatment that goes beyond skin (and muscle) deep.  Working out knots, relieving stress and clearing energetic blockages is her art & she has assisted many people on the transformational path to improved physical health and spiritual well being.

Offering  Eastern and Western bodywork, Brooke’s practice includes;Acupressure Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Athletic Sports Massage, Cupping, Gua-sha, Tui-Na Chinese Medical Massage and Subtle-body energy work.

Cupping is a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practice that effectively releases toxins from the body, clear energetic stagnation while relieving deep tension. Gua-Sha is another modality derived from TCM that uses a flat tool to glide across areas of the body to physically remove toxins from the skin.

Acupressure is based on the same principles as Acupuncture to promote relaxation and improved wellness.  When the energetic flow along the meridian pathways of the body are disrupted, pain and illness occur & Acupressure uses specific points along these meridians to help restore balance.  Brooke incorporates her skills and knowledge of this 5,000 year old Chinese practice into all of her massages to create a dynamic and revitalizing experience with the intention to create lasting and transformational results.

After spending several years backpacking the US and traversing every trail that has been laid out before her, Brooke has found her truth as a gifted Massage Therapist and is excited to serve and uplift at Profoundly Peaceful. She offers a space of renewal, revitalization, healing and transformation to each person she serves & it is her greatest honor to assist people on the path to a Healthy Body, a Calm Mind and a Tranquil Spirit.

**Special discounts offered for Military and Law Enforcement**