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Shamanic Healing

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Learn more about your Shamanic Healer, Lori here. 

Shamanic healing can be utilized for emotional healing, trauma resolution, spiritual growth, personal empowerment, and finding one's life purpose. It can assist in releasing energetic blockages, clearing past traumas, and connecting with inner wisdom and the higher self. It recognizes that each person has their unique healing journey and provides a holistic approach that is tailored to their specific needs.


I work with various tools and techniques to facilitate healing including journeying, which involves entering altered states of consciousness to access spiritual realms and gain insights and guidance. 

Other tools that I may be guided to include are the use of ritual, ceremony, energy work, and working with spirit allies or power animals to support your healing process. 


Within a shamanic experience, together we create a place where we can find healing and embrace an openness to a new space, to new understandings and new ways of being.


I am available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Sessions will take place at my home studio in Genesee, WI. 

90 minutes .....................................  $111.00


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