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The Right Fit

Profoundly Peaceful Massage & Healing provides high-quality, professional Massage Therapy and Reiki. We are excited to tailor your experience to meet your personal preferences and goals and provide you with the best massage and wellness services!


Sometimes it can be tricky to decide what your body, mind or spirit is needing to heal or relax. With an array of options to choose from, we aim to match you with the best service and therapist for your needs and preferences and to help you find what feels best for you and gets you the results you desire. 


Everyone on our team is talented and unique in their individual massage style deliveries & specialties. The ability to offer this diversity is one of the greatest benefits of Profoundly Peaceful Massage & Healing.

Every client has a unique combination of goals, massage preferences as well as scheduling availability. We are to match you with your ideal Massage Therapist so that the two of you are able to create a custom care plan that meets YOUR needs. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

We are happy to help you decide which service and therapist is right for you!

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