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About Lori
Shamanic Healing

There are many ways to release one's old stories or energies and shamanic healing is one such way. There are many ways to advance your own healing and there are many ways to co-create with others to find healing and release old patterns, old energies, old thoughts, old behaviors and find new ways of thinking, being, and feeling. Working shamanically is one such way to do so. We have several things that we can do together to aid in the process of healing, some of these services available in our first session and thereafter are:  Drum wash, Flower wash, Egg healing, breathwork, energy healing which may include the clearing of chakras, clearing of blocked energy, clearing of belief systems, cord cutting, extraction of crystalized energy and energetic extractions.  Some additional offerings available in the second session and thereafter are:  Ancestral healing, journeying, retrieval of healed soul pieces, destruction and creation of soul contracts, power animal retrieval and the gathering of tools, treasures and gifts.  

Working within the Q’ero lineage of shamanic healing originating from the Andean Mountains of Peru, we will be blowing old stories ready to be released upon healing stones. We will use the additional tools of trust, love, curiosity, imagination and belief as we work with guides, the universe, the earth and this dimensional life to create healing opportunities.


Within a shamanic experience, together as client and practitioner, we will create a place where we can find healing and embrace an openness to a new space, to new understandings, to new ways of being. There may be rattling, drumming, singing, or chanting. There will be speaking, listening, hearing, giving, surrendering, and allowing as we create an opening to love. There will be chairs where we can sit and share, and a massage table which you may lay upon with the warmth of blankets and sheets as you like. There will be windows where we can see and hear the natural world, along with our chickens, horses and children playing.


If this resonates with you and you feel drawn to co-create a shamanic healing experience with me, please make an appointment and join me in my home studio. I'm looking forward to meeting you..


Aho! ❤ 

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