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About Jen
Reiki Master, Practitioner

Jen is a Reiki Master  and Animal Reiki Practitioner.  She received her Reiki Master Certification from Stacey Bicek of Stacey's Reiki and Essentials in Mercer, PA.  She was first drawn to reiki to help with chronic back pain but soon realized that it was transformative in many ways, not just physically.  It was a wonderful way to relieve pain, deeply relax, destress and facilitate sleep for her but it also helped her to realize that she really wanted to help people and animals to have a better life...physically, mentally and emotionally.  When she really got hooked was when her son, who suffers from ADHD and anxiety, was able to find focus and peace of mind through reiki.  That is when she sought Stacey's help to become a reiki master.


Jen recently moved to Wisconsin from Pennsylvania and is enjoying her new home, kayaking, reading and spending time with her husband, twin boys, two dogs, Jack and Molly and her cat, Dinkelberg.  Because of her love of animals, and working with her own animal's issues and anxiety through reiki, she has studied animal reiki and is currently working on getting her masters certification in that as well. She is looking forward to meeting new people and helping to enrich their and their pets lives.

Jen is a gifted practitioner with a passion to promote wellness on all levels, and spiritual awakening through Reiki so that her clients and  students can thrive and live fully. She has the ability to empower her clients and students and encourage them to live with integrity and passion. Jen's heart-centered approach comes from a place of deep empathy and caring.

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