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About Amy
Massage Therapist

My therapeutic approach is to focus primarily on inducing deep relaxation, then sneaking in the deeper tissue work after the mind and body settle into a relaxed state. This allows me to work with your body to get results instead of painfully forcing my way through years of accumulated tension. By combining relaxation techniques with site specific work, I am able to provide relief from many aches and pains with little to none of the discomfort generally associated with "deep tissue" massage. 

Prior to working as a massage therapist, I spent 17 years working in hospitals, nursing homes and doing in-home hospice work. That experience has left me very comfortable working with many complex health issues that other therapists may have shied away from. Although I work with a wide variety of clients, the vast majority come to me not only seeking relief from chronic pain, but also relief from the stress, depression and anxiety that often come with living with complex medical conditions. Although I am often unable to change the underlying pathology for these clients, what I can do is soothe the nervous system and give it an opportunity to reassess the situation- typically resulting in feeling significantly less pain and having greater mobility. 

In addition to working with clients with chronic pain/complex conditions, I tend to see a lot of elder clients as well as people of all ages who are neurodivergent and/or who live with anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health challenges. 

As a high risk person who works with many high risk clients, I wear a high quality k94 mask in session/in public and continue to implement strict cleaning protocols and disinfection in my workspace between clients.

Graduated  from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2008.

License # 11076-145 

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