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Fire & Light


60 min....................$150

PACKAGE of 3.........$425

Experience Deep Relaxation and Whole Body Healing with Fire & Light. 

Release tensions, clear stagnant energies and receive clarity for your life path through Holy Fire Reiki, Light Therapy, Emotion Code, Guided Imagery & Oracle Cards.

This unique combination of modalities offers a higher and more balanced level of healing.

Healing occurs in shifts. As you process and move through the shifts of your emotions and perspectives, other emotions may ascend. They rise to be resolved like those before them. We now offer a package of 3 Fire & Light sessions to allow for a bit of savings while we support your processing that which may arise after an initial session. 

Sessions brought to you by
Kelly Kehl, Light Therapist and Hypnotherapist & Joelle Peterson, Emotion Code and Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner

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