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M. Lawrence © 2016 Profoundly Peaceful Massage

Photography by LightlyGypsy

Labyrinth: A Walking Meditation







Walking a labyrinth is a spiritual exercise to quiet, center, and allow contemplation or prayer. It is not a maze. A maze involves a puzzle to be solved. The clockwise, spiral design within the trees has been chosen intentionally. Labyrinths are a great way to go beneath the surface of things, to connect with Mother Earth, get insights, and heal.

Walk slowly bringing your prayers or intentions into the labyrinth with you. Stop in the center and sit or stand to listen within for insight. Then when you sense the need to move back out into the world again, slowly walk back out.

All the great mystics have taught us to look within. It is this inward searching combined with the reinforcing action of walking inwards that gives added strength to the ritual. The spiral design reinforces this further through its steady clockwise movement and does not distract from introspection by having walkers twist and turn as they walk. There is a constant exchange of essences, energy, or consciousness between our environment and us. Over time the cumulative affect of human energy trails left behind by labyrinth walkers becomes a powerful presence that embeds itself on the labyrinth path, creating an energy vortex. The formation of such an energy vortex within a labyrinth significantly increases the spiritual experience of the labyrinth walkers and provides a boost to Mother Earth as well. It is the continual praying, meditating or performing ritual at a place that gives it spiritual strength, or a vibe. Please enjoy. This is my gift to the community. I wish you peace.


Great Gratitude to Lisa Anne for her vision of Pathways of Light, to Scott, her husband, for his gift of the rocks and labor from Lake Erie Landscaping.