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About Kealy
Events, Mold Expert

If you want to take your health into your own hands, I can not wait to meet you! My name is Kealy Severson & I've worked as a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist for the past 7 years. I earned my Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine and BA in nutrition in 2014. After owning a private practice in the Madison area for 6 years, I moved my family to the Mukwonago area due to toxic mold in our Madison home. My tangle with toxic mold evolved into my practice specialty today. I also have advanced training in fertility, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions and Lyme + co infections. For fun, I watch the Packers, play with my kids & create new herbal recipes and supplements to support the mold injured and immunocompromised population.  I'm also co-host of an educational podcast called "Exposing Mold."  I'm excited to support the community through acupuncture & herbal medicine & I look forward to walking with you in your healing journey!

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