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About Anna
Licensed Massage Therapist,
Reiki Practitioner

In my personal life I’ve dealt with severe depression and anxiety. Since growing up and maturing, I’ve made it my mission to help others detox mentally and heal spiritually and physically. When trying to figure out what I wanted to do after highschool, I went to tour The Institute of Beauty and Wellness in The Third Ward. During my tour I was sure I wanted to take the Cosmetology course when my guide asked me, “What speaks to you, the Cosmetology floor or the Massage Therapy floor”? So, I checked out both floors and the energy and flow of Massage Therapy made my soul soar. I felt almost at home. Obviously, I decided to take The Massage Therapy course and I definitely made the right decision. There I learned every muscle, bone, and body system as well as business, ethics, and technique. I excelled in physical touch and relaxation massage, realizing I was very interested in energy work and spiritual healing. As an extra course, I got Reiki I certified under the one and only Sensei Jeffrey Montoya, where I also came to be Reiki II certified under his wing and began practicing. 

Since graduating in 2019 I then continued to work in the spa industry, where I learned above and beyond hospitality as well as the opportunity to grow in my craft by doing many types of massage. I am certified in prenatal massage, geriatric massage, infant massage, hot stone, cupping, and Reflexology. While providing a relaxing and spiritual journey for my clients is my speciality, I also like to incorporate therapeutic work and stretches in my massage to give a well rounded mind, body, and spirit journey. I am confident in my ability to provide my clients with a personalized wellness and healing experience that leaves them feeling loose and refreshed. My main goal is to be able to bring others peace and comfort in hard times. Knowing I’ve been able to help others in their healing journeys through depression, anxiety, and physical ailments has been the kind of happiness I’ve always been searching for.

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