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Located in Magnolia Group Health & Wellness Center 146 Park Ave Pewaukee WI 53072


We specialize in reducing stress, relieving pain and creating a balanced healthy lifestyle!

Making massage part of your self care will help you to live an energized and passionate life to the fullest. The goal of a profoundly peaceful massage is for our clients to attain feelings of well being through massage and energy work. Massage helps relieve stress, decompresses tired, stiff and over worked muscles, and improves circulation. Our clients love our personal touch. As we build a relationship with you, we will monitor your health goals, progress, and preferences. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Choose from a variety of relaxation or therapeutic massages and energy work. On our retail shelf we have Young Living essential oils, the highest grade aromatic healing plant oils available. Essential oils are used during the massage as aromatherapy to immediately relax and for spot treatment on muscle tension. At home the oils are used for self care for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs including creating a natural medicine cabinet and cleaning products without chemicals.

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